• Provides Safety and Security in the home for up to 3 hours.
  • 60 Watt eqivalent light.
  • Replaces existing light bulb.
  • Requires no special installation or wiring.
  • Can be switched OFF and ON during a power cut.
  • 80% energy saving LEDs.
  • Worldwide application 90v~265vAC.
  • Two year guarantee
  • Made in the UK.
  • Two light settings*



2 bulbs and icons

Dimming without a dimmer
No special wiring or installation.
Works with a standard switch.
Switch on for full brightness.
Switch off, wait 1 second then on again for half brightness.
Switch off, wait 5 seconds then on again for full brightness.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my ON have any special wiring or fitting requirements ?

No rewiring is necessary, simply replace your existing bulb with the ON. When you take your new ON out of its box, it is in ‘sleep mode’ which avoids the battery from draining when stored. Switching on your ON for the first time will wake it up.
If used on switches which control more than one bulb e.g. hall, stairs and landing, all bulbs must be iViTi ONs or it will detect the other bulb(s) and assume that there is power cut and will remain on.

How does my ON know the difference between a power cut and normal switching ?

The ON uses impedance testing to look at its circuit, if it detects the presence of other household devices and there is no power, then it must be a power cut.

How long will my ON provide light during a power cut ?

When the battery is fully charged, it will provide light for 3 hours during which time the light will gradually reduce to about half of the light provided at the start.

Will my ON come on when there’s a power cut even if it’s switched off ?

No it will not come on during a power cut if it’s switched off.

Can I switch my ON on and off during a power cut ?

Yes, your ON functions as a normal bulb which uses your standard electricity when it’s available but will use the internal battery when its not.

Is my ON dimmable ?

No, but by switching your ON off then on again, it will dim to half brightness. To return to full brightness turn off then on again.

How long will the battery inside my ON stay charged should the light not be used for a length of time ?

To ensure that the battery remains in peak condition your ON must be switched on for at least one hour every month.

Will my ON work if there is more than one bulb controlled by one switch (this includes chandeliers) ?

Yes, as long as all the bulbs are ONs up to a maximum of four bulbs.

Because it needs to charge its battery as well as provide light, is it more expensive to run than an equivalent LED light ?

Yes, but only slightly, when the battery if fully charged, the ON will use 9W of power, when the battery is charging the ON will use 12.5W of power.

Can I use my ON in other countries ?

Yes, there are two options, you can buy ON for countries using 110v or for countries using 230v – this is clearly marked on the box.

Can I change the battery when it runs out ?

No, for safety reasons, the ON is a completely sealed to protect you and all its internal electronics.

How do I recycle my ON at the end of its life ?

Do not dispose of your ON with your recycleable household rubbish. It should be disposed of in the non-recycleable waste electrical section of your local household civic amenity waste disposal/recycling site, or given to the WEEE household collection service which is available in some areas.

Are there any restrictions to the use of my iViTi ON ?

Do not use in a damp environment such as inside a shower cubicle.
Do not use in a dusty environment.
Do not use in a fully enclosed, airtight fixture.
Do not use outside the temperature range of -10 degrees C to +45 degrees C

Will the ON work should a fuse blow in the house ?

Should a household fuse blow, iViTi ON will work but only if it can sense another bulb or electrical device on its fused circuit which is also switched on. The impedance (resistance) detected by the presence of the other device will trigger the iViTi ON to work in Power Cut mode.



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4th May 2015

We are the Winners of the New Energy Innovation Start-Up Award at the Energy Innovation Centre Awards!

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